Who Is Lord Jaja?

Hmmm. Very interesting question! Who is Lord Jaja? Why Lord Jaja? Been getting lots of these lately. Readers (pretending that I have some) have been asking me, why Lady Gaga Lord Jaja? What's the reason behind my choosing this oh-so-creative name? Simple :

  • Who's the HOTTEST pop-star on the planet at the moment? - Mariah Carey Lady Gaga. And I am faboosh like her too. See the similarity? Theehehe. 
  • I am a guy. So, Lady would probably NOT be appropriate. Obv! =)  
  • "JAJA" is the Spanish way of saying "HAHA". And I laugh a lot. Like. A LOT! LOL. See? I just laughed. LOL. I just laughed again.  And I call myself The King Of Laughing All The Time.

Okay I know the above explanation doesn't really answer most of your questions. Who is the guy behind Lord Jaja ? For those who dont already know, here you go, 10 interesting boring random facts about me. =)

  • My real name is Eddie.
  • I currently live in Japan. :S
  • I'm 5 feet and 117 inches tall. 
  • I don't drink. Or smoke pot.
  • I'm an addict. A caffeine addict that is! :D
  • I'm an engineering student. *barfs*
  • I'm a middle child, with two elder and two younger brothers! :)
  • I'm a cat person. Loves em! =D 
  • My original hair color is black. HA! 
  • Contrary to popular belief, I am NOT related to Lady Gaga. :D
Ummm okay I think that's enough about me for the time being. I promise I will start talking about more important matters in the future, like Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt's divorce, or my neighbor's sudden weight loss! *GULPS*. LOL. Okay. What ever. kthxbye. LOL.


Lord Jaja



WOW! This is so new to me! Me writing a BLOG? Anyone who knows me would go ROFLMAO over this. I mean, most people know I am not really the writing type. I bullshit talk A LOT. That's for sure. But writing? Umm not so sure. But deep down inside I know I'm good at it I'm just fishing for compliments.   

This is like a reversed experience for me. Most people would be like, "What's Twitter?" - "Twitter is a microblogging service where each post must be less than 140 characters." Well I started tweeting first and was frequently told I tweet too much I need a blog instead. LMAO. 

And then I thought - why don't I just give it a try. A few good friends of mine have been encouraging me to start writing one so here I am; even though there probably will be no one reading it. But then again, I might be able to improve my writing skills along the way! That for sure is a good thing. =D


Wait a sec. Do I have to put in emoticons manually? What?! Really? No fun! pffftt =p

See. I need emoticons.

P/S Special thanks to besties DygBaqdiah  and AmalinaHawa for encouraging me to start writing. I can see myself becoming the next Stephenie Meyer or JK Rowling. Not forgetting ZatilAqmar for believing in me and for promising to promote my blog in hers read my blog even though no one else will. She has millions of readers and is willing to give some to me. Sobs.

kthxbye. LOL.


Lord Jaja