Who Is Lord Jaja?

Hmmm. Very interesting question! Who is Lord Jaja? Why Lord Jaja? Been getting lots of these lately. Readers (pretending that I have some) have been asking me, why Lady Gaga Lord Jaja? What's the reason behind my choosing this oh-so-creative name? Simple :

  • Who's the HOTTEST pop-star on the planet at the moment? - Mariah Carey Lady Gaga. And I am faboosh like her too. See the similarity? Theehehe. 
  • I am a guy. So, Lady would probably NOT be appropriate. Obv! =)  
  • "JAJA" is the Spanish way of saying "HAHA". And I laugh a lot. Like. A LOT! LOL. See? I just laughed. LOL. I just laughed again.  And I call myself The King Of Laughing All The Time.

Okay I know the above explanation doesn't really answer most of your questions. Who is the guy behind Lord Jaja ? For those who dont already know, here you go, 10 interesting boring random facts about me. =)

  • My real name is Eddie.
  • I currently live in Japan. :S
  • I'm 5 feet and 117 inches tall. 
  • I don't drink. Or smoke pot.
  • I'm an addict. A caffeine addict that is! :D
  • I'm an engineering student. *barfs*
  • I'm a middle child, with two elder and two younger brothers! :)
  • I'm a cat person. Loves em! =D 
  • My original hair color is black. HA! 
  • Contrary to popular belief, I am NOT related to Lady Gaga. :D
Ummm okay I think that's enough about me for the time being. I promise I will start talking about more important matters in the future, like Heidi Montag and Spencer Pratt's divorce, or my neighbor's sudden weight loss! *GULPS*. LOL. Okay. What ever. kthxbye. LOL.


Lord Jaja

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