Who's birthday?

I just realized that we're only 12 days away from my birthday!! :D Fuh-rickin excited. I dont know what I'm gonna do to celebrate YET, but I've got a few things in mind. Be it krabbing with some friends, or snowboarding at my friend's place, or just dinner with my beloved faux family here, I'm pretty sure I'm gonna have lotsa fun.

For this year, I don't really hope for nothing much. No presents. Totally fine with me. Like I'm totally done with presents. So unless you're gonna buy me a Bentley or a Frank Muller, save your money and just wish me on Facebook. I repeat. Facebook. Don't freakin wish me on Twitter. I gets lost after sometime, if you know what I'm talking bout. :)

Umm to my familia, I only expect a card from you guys. I showed mom which card I wanted. Its that GINORMOUS card at Memory Lane. I fucking love it! Been wanting it for quite sometime now. Okay I don't wanna bore you. Okay actually I need to go study.



Lord Jaja



  1. oh my gawd!! I can't believe you read this!! HAHAHA. Not hoping for anything ok! :P

  2. okay thats a lie. maybe a lil something. a card please! Hahahaha