What up guys! :)

We just finished eating Domino's pizza and it was DELISH to say the least! We ordered Chicken Pepperoni and Aloha Chicken and amagaddddd Chicken Pepperoni is definitely my new fave!! Sorry Hawaiian Chicken from Pizza Hut! Lol! :)

Anyhow, that's not what I wanna write about this time. While eating, I couldn't help but to reminisce of the old times when my friends and I used to order pizza during lunch break back in high school. I know, fetch huh? :P HA! And I remember this one fine afternoon, where my ex-bestfriends and I were all starving and decided to order pizza. I remember the four of us ordered four different types of personal pan-pizzas and a few other things including some garlic bread. While waiting, we went to the canteen and hung out for a bit. AND THEN..!

Hahahahaha! SUDDENLY, about 20 minutes later, our assistant principal made an announcement over the school PA system. I swear it was the most unexpected, highlarious and embarassing announcement ever! She announced, "LORD JAJA (not my real name tho) and friends! Your pizza has arrived. Please come to the office to pick it up." HAHAHAHA! I swear that's exactly what she said! The four of us quickly ran to the office only to find at least 5 other "friends" waiting in front of the office hoping to get their "share" of our pizzas. Meanwhile there were also a few teachers passing by smirking at us. FOL.

Out of sympathy, we agreed to share our pizzas with those waiting in front of the office earlier. Haha HELL NOOOOOO! LOL. We took the pizza, brought it to an empty classroom on the 2nd floor and ate there. Fun! :P


Lord Jaja


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