Some Advice

  1. Never get emotionally attached to your twitter friends. Or you'll get hurt. 
  2. Apologizing to someone just for the sake of being nice is never a good idea. You'll regret it later. I prom.
  3. Never. Ever. Date your teacher/professor. *cough*Serena*cough*Lox*cough*LOL*
  4. Blogging during lectures? BAD idea! LMAO.
  5. Wearing a jeans that are two sizes too small will lead to a serious case of muffin top. Trust me. 
  6. Clip .Your. Toe. Nails.
  7. Shut your pie hole if you forgot to brush your teeth in the morning. Seriously, Japanese can be so annoying. And disgusting! Ewww. You're NOT Jessica Effing Simpson!
  8. Self-deprecation is not sexy or funny when you use it 24/7. 
  9. Never drink coffee after 8 pm or you'll end up spending your sleepless nights watching past episodes of The Biggest Loser. 
  10. Never say "I wanna be a naughty boy." that sounds disgusting.
Lord Jaja

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