Trip to Lake Hamana and Lake Sanaru

So my friends and I got a lil bored on Sunday afternoon, and wanted to go somewhere nice just to chill, if you know what I mean. After thinking for 36 seconds a while, we decided to go to Lake Hamana and Lake Sanaru just to enjoy the nice scenery if you know what I mean. Moreover, my buddies Sharoru and Giro have just bought new cameras so they wanted to test it out. And off we go. The four of us. A lil adventure. LOL. Lake Sanaru is just 4.5 minutes from my house while Lake Hamana is located about 25 mins by car. LOL. How Japanese is that? HAHA. Anyways, here are some photos I'd like you guys to see. =) Enjoice!! 

P/S : Tell me what you think, guys! and most photos were taken by my friends Sharoru and Giro. :)


  1. omg so lawaa! i esp love the sunset pic and the ferris wheel one :D
    but why no picture of you guys?

  2. canteeeeeek nye!! the photos are goood. i love the pics of the tree taken below facing upwards. and the twinkling moon.

  3. Atil : thank you!! omg the ferris wheel pic is also one of my faves!! and pics of us? i wasn't feeling photogenic on sunday so.. HAHAHAHAHA.

    amal : kan!! em boys are soo talented! and that tree picture was taken using a Nokia N8. Not a real camera. Amazing quality kan?! :D

  4. omaigod taken with a Nokia N8?! WHOA!!!!! That is goood! I am loving the pics!

  5. awww thanks duhthega yuhthegang! maybe after iphone 4 we should get ourselves Nokia N8 too. LOL.