An Open Letter To UniQlo

Dear UniQlo, I have been wearing your clothes since 2007 and it's been great. Now that you're opening a store in KL, don't you think you should take me as your spokesperson or something? I mean, I really like your clothes. From the skinny jeans that I can never fit into to your ridic green/purple sweater, I personally think that your clothes are very nice. Kidding. LOL. Anyways, if I were to become your spokesman I would totally say something like, "Hey everyone. Aren't we all excited to have our own UniQlo in KL? I mean, if you want to look cool and hip UniQlo should absolutely be your #1 brand of choice. And by cool I mean going to classes and looking at at least 10 others wearing the exact same shirt/sweater as you and knowing that you bought them at the same store really makes you feel special. Yeah. Hihi." So UniQlo, I really hope you guys would consider taking me as your spokesperson coz I know I can say lots of nice things about the brand. Thank you. 

Yours sincerely, 
Lord Jaja


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