Thank you!

I'm touched! Like really touched. Just an hour ago, a good friend of mine said he remembers still owing me something. I was like, "What is it? Money? I don't remember lending you any." He said, "No. Remember the watch?" Then I went. AHHHHHH! Amagad. That was 4 years ago!! 

Here's how it all started. Four years ago, we all graduated from our prep course in the University of Malaya and were about to fly to Japan into our separate universities. As a graduation gift, I asked five of my closest friends what they want as a present and was determined to buy anything that comes out of their mouth first. Like literally Anything. Of course they didn't know I was serious and I didn't even tell them upon asking. And then, when I ask this one friend, he quickly muttered, "A watch". I repeated, "A watch?". He smiled. And so, I big-heartedly bought him a watch.  A very nice one. A personal favorite. You know that feeling you have when you can afford to give others a little bit of happiness just by sacrificing something that is yours? Yeah. That was exactly how I felt. Anyways, the rest of them only asked for small stuff like keychains or T-shirts; I myself don't quite remember. And that's that. 

I have totally forgotten all about it. Completely.

We never talked about it during our 4 years of staying in Japan. Ever. Until today, when he mentioned it in one of our rare convos. I'm guessing he wants to return the favor? I don't know. What ever it is, I am grateful for having such wonderful friends. True friends. To each and everyone of you, from the bottom of my heart, THANK YOU for being my friend. GOSH am I dying? You know who you are!


Lord Jaja.

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