You're FAT! Ha! :P

Hey peepz! It's been a week. Sometimes I wish I had an assistant who would update my blog for me. Like, I talk a lot. I do. But I don't type much. LOL. Like if I had an assistant, she would have to look like Kim Kardashian write everything that I say and put them into my blog. Ha.

Anyways, today I wanna talk about body issues. At least 54.5% of my friends are fat on a diet. We are normally never satisfied with what we have. Well, we are only human! Good news! Today, I have put together a massive collection of celebrities who have also, like us, been struggling with body issues. This means, we are NOT the only ones facing this particular problem. This pictures are put up for you to make you feel good about yourselves guys out there to get inspiration to lose weight and look better! Enjoice!! =) 

50 Cent
 Tyra Banks
 Boy George

 Jennifer Love Hewwit
 Mark Wahlberg

Some European supermodel
 Collin Farrel
 Geena Davis
 Jenna Jameson
 Jennifer Hudson

 Kate Winslet
 Kelly Osbourne
 Jared Leto
 Matt Damon
 Mischa Barton

 Nicole Richie
 Joaquin Pheonix
 Mommy Osbourne
 Brit brit
 Carrie UnderweightUnderwood

Vince Vaughn
 Mariah Mimoo Carey
 K-Fat K-Fed
 Mike Tyson
 John Goodman
Robbie Williams
 That fat girl from Eastwick.
 Leona Carey Lewis
 Kim Kar-bodybuilder-shian
 X-tina Monroe Aguilera

 Alec Balding Baldwin

Catherine Zeta-Jones
 Drew Carey
 Betty Suarez America Ferrera
 Forest Whitaker
 Jim Carrey
 Lea Michelle

Mushy Button Mischa Barton
 Sylvester Stallone
Nick Nolte
 Leona Carey Lewis
Jessica Simpson

X-Tina Aguilera
 Uhhh I forgot his name!
 Jennifer Hudson again :)
 Who's she again?
 Mariah Mariah Mariah!

Sammy sweetheart Jersey Shore!

 Ricky Gervais


  1. RE: "Errr. I don't know who this is. LOL"

    That's John Goodman, you retard.

    And "Umm.. some old actor." would be Nick Nolte.

  2. hohoh! Thanks a lot! For calling me a retard. HA! Kidding. Thanks for the info, slore. :p

  3. "inspiration to lose weight and look better" waht.. tonnes of the skinny ones look worse lol